Efficiency. Dedication. Innovation. Expertise.


Guiding you each step of the way through your life settlement investment.

Transaction Advisory

Our dynamic approach to due diligence when buying or selling policies allows us to provide innovative solutions essential to reaching your goals.

Policy Servicing

We offer a level of premium optimization that exceeds industry-standard pricing models to enhance the returns of our clients.

Tracking & Underwriting

NorthStar uses multiple strategies for insured contact and medical records retrieval essential to policy valuation, trade, and collection.

Portfolio Management

Our thorough analysis and policy valuations help us identify strategic opportunities to improve the overall performance of your investment.

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Our core service team has been together for more than a decade.
NorthStar is an established fixture in
the life settlement industry.

NorthStar Life Services, LLC has unrivaled industry experience upheld by an accountable reputation. Our operational infrastructure is comprised of a proprietary technology platform and a core team that has been intact for more than a decade. We offer a full range of premier services to institutional and private investors, which include transaction advisory, due diligence, portfolio and premium management, and medical underwriting.

Our team can provide direction at every stage of the life settlement investment cycle. By managing every transaction and portfolio with a personalized solution that considers our client’s goals, budgetary requirements and risk tolerance, we construct a strategy designed to maximize investment returns.

  • Efficiency

    Our streamlined processes allow us to provide premier services and personalized solutions in a timely manner that enhance client investment returns. Our goal is to provide the highest quality results that create value without delays.

  • Dedication

    NorthStar is devoted to meeting and exceeding client expectations through vigilant and ethical practices that uphold life settlement industry standards. We are committed to maintaining the best interest of the policy owner as well as protecting consumer and investor privacy.

  • Innovation

    We strongly believe that continuous improvement secures success, especially in such an ever-changing industry as life settlements. Our team offers a fresh perspective and creative problem solving as we explore ways to evolve our approach and procedures.

  • Expertise

    NorthStar’s unrivaled expertise in providing life settlement solutions is backed by over 20 years of experience in the life insurance industry and policy servicing. Education and training keep us well-informed of market, industry and carrier changes while enhancing our services.