Policy Servicing Excellence

Our servicing excellence begins with a profound understanding of life insurance products, as well as the development of analytics and control processes unique to this asset class.

We offer a level of premium optimization that exceeds industry standards to enhance the returns on investments. Our proprietary platform features built in audit capabilities to detect inconsistent data provided by insurance carriers.


Key ingredients

Policy Onboarding

NorthStar thoroughly audits policy documentation to identify risk factors prior to obtaining the policies in your portfolio.

We leverage cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence and enhanced optical character recognition, to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our secure web portal allows client access to easily download and view all policy materials and insured data.

Premium Management

We offer ideal cost curves for maximizing returns through use of our proprietary models.

Our team establishes a premium payment schedule based upon lapse criteria and optimized premiums using proprietary models, many of which are specifically designed for no- lapse guaranteed products. This methodology helps determine the ideal COI curves for maximizing returns.

We conduct monthly verification calls with insurance carriers to confirm payments, obtain current cash values and ensure that policies are in good standing. In addition, we acquire and review in-force illustrations and annual statements.

Death Claim Processing

NorthStar runs daily searches through various databases to ensure clients are notified of mortality events soon after they occur.

We work diligently to obtain the death certificate, prepare appropriate claim documentation, and follow up with the carrier until the claim is paid.

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