Pro-Active Portfolio Oversight

NorthStar helps identify portfolio risks and opportunities for investors with valuable transaction advisory services that help our clients meet their strategic goals.

Whether you are a prospective buyer or seller in the life settlement market, our team provides an insightful perspective to support our clients’ investment decisions.


Key ingredients

Policy Sourcing

NorthStar identifies secondary and tertiary purchase opportunities while managing the policy bidding and acquisition process. We calculate current policy and portfolio market valuations and provide our clients with industry feedback.


Our team analyzes premium streams and produces a market valuation report based on our in-depth industry experience.

Due Diligence

Working with outside counsel, we take appropriate precautions to verify chain of title and insurable interest at policy origination by evaluating policy data accuracy, fraud exceptions, avocation exclusions, amendments, health statements, and maturity extension provisions.

Medical Review

We review medical records and life expectancy reports extensively to identify any inconsistencies, possible fraud and material changes. We also mitigate tracking issues by confirming insured date of birth, Social Security number, contact information and alternate contact data to ensure maturities are identified as soon as possible.

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